Many powerful nations such as the United states Of America is now experiencing rising surge of new CoviD19 cases in different areas or states, likewise deaths due to the novel coronavirus also increases as observed. An anti-coagulant drug can be be repurposed for the treatment of Covid19 disease to humans by preventing the occurence of acute respiratory distress syndrome  or ARDS, likewise an anti-cholesterol works wonders by nearly or almost eliminating active viral activity in the lung cells and thus decreasing and wiping the numbers and heavy viral volume load of Sars-Cov 2 in the lungs of patients who are suffering from CovfiD19 disease. And that, it will be one of the cheapest magic drug in the market for the treatment of the novel coronavirus disease. As of the moment, no drug or any pharmaceutical products shown to be safe and effective for the treatment of CoViD19 according to WHO.



Israel-Us Team Effort:

As the whole scientific communities are scrambling and working against time at lightning speed inorder to develop definite treatment and vaccines for the novel coronavirus disease…a israeli professor from Hebrew University of jerusalem Prof. Yaakov Nahmias together with Dr. Benjamin TenOever at New York’s Mount Sinai Medical Center for almost three months worked and observed how the virus that caused severe Covid19 disease in humans behaves, propagates and replicates in the lungs and subsequently causes severe destructions of the lung tissues and ultimately leads to morbidity and death of the patients it affects.

The Researchers Major Important Findings About the Drugs:

1.) Anti-cholesterol drug:

Their major important finding is that Sars-CoV-2 prevent the proper utilization of sugar and carbohydrates in the body and thereby large amount of fatty acids or lipid sustances are seen accumulated in the pneumocytes and lung cells which fuels or favors and promotes viral replication in the pulmonary cells infected by the virus. The anti-cholesterol drug was given for five days and it nearly or almost completely wipe out the Sars-CoV-2 virus in the lung cells. Likewise the anti-cholesterol drug enhances the breakdown of fatty acid and promotes cellular burning of fats.

2.) Anti-coagulant drug:

Once it binds, its not going to come off “…says Professor Jonathan Dordick a biological and chemical engineer at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute who is also studying heparin’s extremely tight binding properties ( which is a hundreds of thousands times tighter than an antigen and antibody binding  ) towards the spike protein of the novel coronavirus.

The green colored thing ( red arrow)  is called the receptor binding protein of SARS CoV-2 that the virus use to binds or attach to human cells (ACE2 receptor) but the molecule heparin can bind or attach to it tightly and block the viral entry into the cells.



Common Serologic Laboratory Findings Of patients With CoviD19 Disease:


One of the most common laboratory findings in patients with CoviD19 disease are elevated blood sugar and abnormally high blood cholesterol levels. 

The elevated blood sugar or hyperglycemia can be explained by the fact that most of the patients affected by the disease are diabetics or it maybe or can be explained as a result of the viral’s (Sars-CoV-2) newly discovered charactreristic activity in the prevention of proper cellular utilization and burning of blood glucose especially in the lungs of infected CoviD19 patients. 

Thus in the abscence of diabetes disease, the hyperglycemia in patients infected with the viral disease is brought up or secondary to the CoviD19 disease or it was just a stress type of hyperglycemia due to the infection.

Abnormally elevated blood LDH,creatine kinase,elevated PT/INR, ferritin,CRP, D-dimer and procalcitonin are also common findings especially with severe and critically ill CoviD19 patients.

Observational studies have shown that most of the patients admitted in the hospital due to the novel coronavirus during the beginning of CoviD19 disease in China manifested elevated fasting plasma or blood sugar level of more than or equal to 7 mmol/liter or 126mg/dl and that many of those patients with concomitant hyperglycemia findings was also associated or manifested severe and critical signs and symptoms of the viral disease, thus with increasing morbidity and mortality rates. 

Likewise many of the patients who died of severe and critical Covid19 disease had multiple blood clots in the their major organs as revealed by autopsies.

Self monitoring of blood glucose using a glucometer.

Effects Of Elevated blood Sugar or Hyperglycemia And Elevated Blood Cholesterol:

It is an accepted fact that people with elevated blood sugar or with diabetes and people with abnormally elevated blood cholesterol or who are extremely obese and overweight are prone or easily gets infected with the novel coronavirus and that it is also a well known fact that if they get infected, more or less several of them will manifest severe or critical signs and symptoms of coviD19 disease.

The Drugs That Will Work Wonders In Covi19 Infected Patients:

FENOFIBRATE a fibric acid derivatives that belongs to an anti-cholesterol drugs that lowers triglycerides and very low density lipoprotein or VLDL by promoting beta -oxidation of fatty acids. It has a modest effect of increasing your high density lipoprotein level ( HDL-C ) or your good cholesterol with variable low density lipoprotein (LDL-C ) or your bad cholesterol level effects. The most common side effects are gastric discomfort, muscle pain or myopathy and rarely liver inflammation or drug intake hepatitis.


HEPARIN a blood thinning substance that is used by many doctors to prevent stoke, heart attack and pulmonary embolism and other thromboembolic diseases of the blood vessels. Scientists and researchers newly discovered that heparin aside from preventing blot clot formation in patients with Covid19 disease …it can also binds to the Sars-CoV-2 spike binding proteins in the exterior of the human cells, the heparin substance will neutralize the virus spike binding proteins and thus cant bind or contact the ACE2 receptor which is present or located outside the human cells, and the virus cant replicate and rendered useless. According to the lead author of the study Robert Lindhardt professor of chemistry and chemical biology at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, this approach using heparin and its variant-low molecular heparin can be used a decoy for the novel coronavirus can be employ as a treatment regimen or  measures to reduce viral load inside the body of patients who are infected with CoviD19 but is asymptomatic. Thus it will prevent the occurence of serious and severe sequela of CoviD19 disease infected patients.


If fenofibrate, heparin and its low molecular weight variants can offer great effect against the novel coronavirus disease then why not use it for treatment since it can prevent viral reproduction and replication as shown in the experiment. Other previously mentioned treatment regimen includes another anti-cholesterol drug-atorvastatin ( Statins) in combination with other heart failure drugs, anti-platelet and anti-clotting drugs showed also promising results by preventing or decreasing cardiac complications, severe lung injury or acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) in patients infected with CoviD19 virus. I think the repurposed anti-cholesterol drug combinations and heparins are rather a cheap alternative in treating CoviD19 patients and will have a great impact in the treatment protocol and can save lives especially combined with a cheap proven drug such as dexamethasone.

My observation and experienced of using oral rosuvastatin plus fenofibrate and blood thinning drugs for the treatment of mixed dyslipidemia with coronary artery disease in my high risk patients ( diabetics, hypertensive, male, age more than 55 years old, COPD with ASCVD ) really pays-off because many of them had symptoms of cough, mild to moderate difficulty of breathing and fever for almost a week during their clinic checked-up at the height of the pandemic late last february up to april of  2020, using the standard of care for community acquired pneumonia (low to moderate risk) treatment…almost all of them didint progressed to to severe type of pneumonia, but they are not tested for CoviD19 test due to unavailabililty of test kits in the area, likewise they refused to go to our local hospital, since our local hospital is not well adept to treat the novel coronavirus illness if they are found to have the disease and most of them is afraid to visit the hospital for check-up for the fear of getting CoviD19 disease from the local hospital. My clinic is open six days a week except sundays and never deny any single patients in our out-patient department (OPD) check-up since the start of CoviD19 disease last December of 2019. We follow strict compliance and observance of our national and local directives imposed by our respective government health authorities for the prevention of spread and transmission of CoviD19 disease in the clinic.


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