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Ingeniously the best innovative vaccine strategy against emerging SARS-CoV-2 variants.

    Introduction:   Many or several newly developed vaccines were used for the past two months that were approved by the US-FDA for emergency use ( EUA ) as preventive measures for protection against CoViD19.  And several peer-reviewed studies had shown that the new CoViD19 vaccines serve their purpose well enough but recently the […]

Bamlanivimab-first EUA approve monoclonal antibody treatment for CoViD19.

Introduction: The first monoclonal antibody drug Bamlanivimab was given a EUA or emergency use authorization by the US FDA last two weeks ago ( November 9, 2020 ) to treat direct SARS-CoV-2 or CoViD19 positive patients with mild to moderate signs and symptoms of the disease. The new antibody treatment was also given to the […]

New 4 Months Treatment:Susceptible Pulmonary Tuberculosis.

Mycobacterium tuberculosis…the causative agent of Pulmonary Tuberculosis or PTB. Introduction: According to the World Health Organization ( WHO ), Pulmonary Tuberculosis or PTB is considered as a major health global concern. And it can be effectively treated in a short course of four months instead of a usual six months course treatment for susceptible pulmonary […]

CoViD19-Severe:home care.

  Serological antibody testing done on a patient suspected to have severe symptoms of CoViD19 disease. And was medically managed at home… Introduction: It is a known and accepted fact that CoViD19 patient/s with severe symptoms and those with critical illness had a high rate of in-hospital mortality and nobody can refute that, as provided […]

Why more men are dying of CoViD19 than women?

Dr. Laertes B. Amihan inserted an intravenous line to an old male patient with symptoms of cough, fever, difficulty of breathing and easy fatigability for 5 to 7 days duration. A patient with severe symptoms and a high chance of dying secondary to probable CoViD19 disease. Eight months had passed since the start of the […]

A Lifesaving Test Before Giving Steroid/s to CoViD19 Patients.

Dr. Laertes B. Amihan shared some insights to military men during government imposed locale lockdowns. INTRODUCTION: While the medical authorities and big pharmaceutical industries are racing against time in developing drugs that can cure Covid19 disease… sometime in June of 2020, medical experts and scientists in the United Kingdom mentioned and hailed the wonder drug […]

Anti-coagulant/anti-cholesterol drug works wonders against Sars CoV-2.

    Introductions: Many powerful nations such as the United states Of America is now experiencing rising surge of new CoviD19 cases in different areas or states, likewise deaths due to the novel coronavirus also increases as observed. An anti-coagulant drug can be be repurposed for the treatment of Covid19 disease to humans by preventing […]

Is Intermittent Fasting Effective In Controlling Blood Sugar In Type 2 diabetes?

  Introduction: Intermittent fasting is a very helpful strategy in controlling elevated blood sugar in diabetics. Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disease that exhibits abnormally elevated blood sugar associated with intrinsically abnormal lipid metabolism and elevated biochemical markers which can cause life threatening acute and chronic complications in the body if not treated properly. Intermittent […]

CoviD19 Updates: CoviD19 Drugs

    Almost six months had passed that Covid19 disease started and considered as one of the world’s worst pandemic in our modern history. As of the very moment in time no definite treatment has been develop for those severely and critically affected patients admitted in the hospital’s intensive care units, and a desperate moved […]

Can doctors predict which CoviD19 positive patient/s develop ARDS?

Scenario: A young patient in his twenties was brought to the hospital’s emergency department due to on and off fever for 5 days associated with body pains only and then was tested for Covid19 which turned out to be positive then was immediately referred to other health care facility that can manage patients with CoviD19 […]

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