Wearing face mask is one of the best practical way to prevent CoViD19 infection.

This article will give you some best or very practical tips to PREVENT COVID 19 Infection at the comfort of your home as well as a bit of an overview of WHAT is COVID 19 is all about ?. As we all know that Covid 19 spread like “wildfire” to almost all parts of the world. And it is now a Pandemic scenario!,and whether we like it or not…it created so much concern and ” Panic ” to the whole population.The major spread is brought upon by the advent of easy access to better, efficient highly advance transportation use by man and travel of people from one place/s to another place/s of destination.

Since SARS Cov-2 that cause Covid19 disease belongs to a respiratory group of viruses, the mode of transmission is by contaminated droplet secretions coming from infected individual through sneezing and coughing and also from aerosols through talking and normal respiration, likewise possible from oral to fecal route because there are reports that the virus is seen or recovered in fecal materials or specimen samples of patients who has an active disease. The illness starts when a susceptible individual or person is exposed to an active Covid19 infected individual with ” flu like ” signs and symptoms such as: On and off fever (low grade to high grade),body pains, body rash, malaise, cough, sneezing, watery eyes, difficulty of breathing, throat discomfort, profound loss of smell and taste and manifestations of kawasaki’s disease like signs and symptoms.

And in an outside environment ( outside home settings ) ,a big possibility that the susceptible person can get the CoVid19  infection if both the susceptible person and the person who is infected with COVID19 with active signs and symptoms of the disease is within a crowded, confined and enclosed space ( Ex. enclosed movie theaters,shopping malls,grocery stores,restaurants, airplanes,buses, vans,offices,clinics,salons,taxis,trains,bookstores,bars,casinos and in not well maintained hospital rooms or places ) and worst thing of all is, you can be infected and get the disease from just a mere gestures of kissing and handshakes with an undiagnosed active infected person with Covid19 disease.

Best Practical Tips: Prevent CoVid19 infection ( Opinion by Dr. Laertes B. Amihan )

  •  Get enough quality sleep( 8 hours ) at night if possible. And take natural supplement ( Resurge ) for inability to sleep and boosting your immune to make it strong against diseases.

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  •  Eat or consume a lot of freshly prepared clean and organically grown green leafy vegetables and fruits.
  •  Consume fruits with high in vitamin C and anti-oxidant content.
  •  Do daily exercise ( minimum of 30 minutes in duration ) or three times a week (30 minutes duration )
  • Drink plenty of clean potable water if you are living in a dry and very hot place or environment to maintain good hydration.
  • Take PROBIOTIC or supplement/s tablet or pill regularly if it is needed or is prescribed by your doctor.
  • Take your prescribed maintainance medications ( pills for hypertension ,diabetes, bronchial asthma etc…) regularly.
  • If there’s plenty of fresh water in your place, I suggest that you have to take a bath everyday and change to new clean clothing especially right after you arrived home from work.Then wash your clothes with soap and water and let it dry under the sun for hours and iron your clothes thereafter.
  • Clean the soles of your shoes,sandals and slippers with soap and water after using it outdoors and expose or dry it under the sun if there is plenty of sunshine in your place.
  • Wash your hands ( 20 to 30 seconds ) thoroughly with soap and clean water after working with dirty chores and filthy places especially before and after touching objects.
  • Wash your hands ( 20 to 30 seconds ) thoroughly with soap and clean water or rub your hands with 40 or 70 percent isopropyl alcohol or use hand sanitizer before and after eating food.
  • If there is no soap and water,40 or 70 percent isopropyl alcohol or hand sanitizer that is available for cleansing your hands then you can spray yours hands with cologne, lemon, vinegar or soak your hands with listerine mouthwash before and after eating or doing dirty works.
  • Spray the door knobs and handles of your house with 40 or 70 percent isopropyl alcohol or you may wipe it with soap and water or hand sanitizer as often as possible.
  • You should be ingenious enough to use spiritedly strong drinks such as Gins and Vodkas if there are no available isopropyl alcohol,hand sanitizers or soap and water at home to clean your hands or door handles and tables.
  • I myself used strong Vinegar to spray our tables,door knobs and handles because 40 or 70 percent isopropyl alcohol had run out of stocks in the market due to panic buying.
  • Avoid or refrain going to crowded places.  And maintain ” Physical Distancing ” of about 1 to 2 square meters around from each other and avoid shaking hands,kissing,hugging for the meantime.
  • Dont wear ” ordinary and ineffective ” facemask because its useless against COVID19 spread as much as possible… Healthy individuais must wear costly effective biohazard mask with faceshield and clothing or personal protective equipment recommended by Centers for Disease Control inorder to decrease the chance of being infected by C0vid19 especially if a healthy individual ( healthcare workers ) is always expose to sick people due to their obligation. But I rather STRONGLY recommend to those people who manifest the signs and symptoms of the disease to wear proper effective facemask with faceshield and maintain physical distancing inorder to prevent or lessen the spread of the virus to other susceptible host. But if no effective mask is available and you cant afford to buy one then a mask made of cloth or fabric will suffice. Likewise even if you are not sick, you must also wear a facemask and faceshield to avoid spreading the disease and will not cause further discrimination to sick people who wears a mask. in the public.
  • Cover your nose and mouth during sneezing and coughing with clean handkerchief or tissue paper and dont forget to wash your hands properly thereafter and dispose your garbage properly by wearing disposable gloves . Avoid touching your T zones (face,nose,mouth,lips and your eyes) .
  • Cover your garbage can or waste bins properly from flies,rodents,stray cats, dog or any other large animals.
  • Maintain temporary ” Self quarantine ” if you have or dont have signs and symptoms of colds or flu as per government order for the meantime.
  • Just follow all government rules and policies with regards to CoVid19.
  • It is a ” MUST ” that if SYMPTOMS PERSIST …. Go and see a DOCTOR!!!

As COVID 19 had already taken its toll….and no definite treatment ( chloroquine ,hydroxychloroquine and one anti-viral(remdesiver) medicine with promising results ) is available but don’t be afraid because if your immune system is strong, chances are you may not get sick or if you may get sick, then you will easily recover from it without any serious complications. We should always bear this in mind, that the virus mostly cause serious complications and death to susceptible host…meaning to person/s with already weakened immune system due to comorbidities or other diseases.Thus my personal opinion is…We have to stay ” Healthy and Strong ” by practicing good personal hygiene because  ”  an Ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. “


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Laertes  B. Amihan MD