As it has been known to all that in the month of December 2019, the first officially reported case of COVID19 infection was in Wuhan China  It is labeled Novel virus because it is a new strain that many experts theorized that it mutated from the old parent coronavirus strain. The virus was found in bats and pangolins and believe to be transmissible to humans by viral contaminated droplets from coughing and sneezing and then from ultrafine aerosols in normal talking and breathing process, which the aerosols remains airborne for hours. The virus thrives in cool, humid and windy places. And due to the above mentioned viral characteristics and modes of transmission, the virus swiftly spreads faster, and increasingly resulted to more than 100,000 deaths globally with 1.4 million reported infected cases worldwide and up to the present the viral rampage continue to take its toll along its path.


Health authorities all over the world established preventive strategies and policies to contain the COVID19 spread and still the number of infected cases is rising up together with the increasing number of morbidity and death. Most of the victims that succumed to the deadly infection are those with preexisting comorbidities coupled with the advancing age,but there are also cases that it affects the younger adult population maybe secondary to weakened immune system (immunosuppression and immunocompromised host). And because of the advancing age and preexisting comorbidities, the susceptible victims has a more serious and poorer prognosis that sometimes lead to death. As it is mentioned earlier that there are so many health preventive strategies, measures and policies established by known health authorities ( WHO and CDC-USA ) worldwide such as:

A.) Physical or social distancing (1-2 square meter/s apart distance from human to human ) but COVID19 is present and can be traced up to 13 feet or 4 meters above the patient/s floating in the air for hours inside the intensive care unit in one of the hospital in China.

B.) Maintaining good personal hygiene by hand washing for 20 seconds using soap and water, application of 40 to 70% alcohol and use of hand sanitizers.

C.)  Living a healthy lifestyle ( regular intake of mulvitamins and maintainance pill/s, eating a balance diet, regular exercise activity, having regular 8 hours sleep at night, decrease to no intake of alcoholic drinks and stopping the habit of cigarette smoking. ), likewise taking megadoses of vitamin-c and effective quality probiotics is also being done.

D. ) Seeking early medical help for proper management of symptomatic patient/s.

E.) Strict Implementation of proper protocol and guidelines of  ” Self home quarantines and Enhanced Community Quarantines (ECQ) ” to individual/s who are not seriously sick, to person/s suspected having the viral infection but are not sick and to those healthy person/s who is/are not sick and not infected but are exposed to sick person and infected person/s, but many are skeptical if this strategy will work due to high level of viral environmental contamination.

F.) Strict implementation of Total ” LOCKDOWN ” to some localities, communities, cities and even the whole country for that matter.

G.) Strict wearing of personal protective equipment (PPEs) such as effective filtering facepiece respirator N95 certified by NIOSH,but according to professor Donald k. Milton that ” PPE like N95 masks are not our first line of defense. They are our last,desperate thing that we do,”…so in short the wearing of ineffective surgical face mask is sufficient as it is also recommended by CDC-USA especially if a person will go outside from his/her residence to buy essentials in a nearby store or outlet. Likewise an advisory coming from one of the health authorities states…. that those sick and symptomatic person/s are strictly advocated in wearing ineffective face mask but ultrafine viral contaminated aerosols floating airborne penetrates  cloth made improvised and ordinary surgical face masks…thus it doesnt serves its purpose but studies have shown that wearing of facemasks in symptomatic individuals helps decrease the transmission of the virus by trapping some of the droplets and aerosols during coughing, sneezing, talking and even in respiration, thus decreasing the viral load in the air.

H. ) Cleaning of the soles of slippers,sandals and shoes or any foot wear with soap and water or using any chemical decontamination after using footwears outdoors is highly recommended and drying or exposing it to direct sunlight for hours can help decrease the viral spread.

I. ) And spraying in public places or areas with disinfectants or misting will just further aggravates the condition since it will do more harm than good bacause the pressurize liquid coming from the spray will dislodge the virus from its original place and will be blown away then remain suspended in the air and be carried by the air current and possible be inhaled by susceptible host,likewise the decontamination process will cause some form chemical respiratory irritation to some allergic individuals in the community.


  • ) Just a few hours ago,China released a new alarming health news that COVID19 can be found suspended in the air and can be collected 13 feet above the sick patient and remains airborne for hours. The sick patients are admitted in the hospital’s intensive care units(ICU).
  • ) The virus can also be found in the soles of the shoes of some healthcare worker in the hospital’s intensive care units where patients sick with COVID19 are admitted.
  •  )The United States of America has the more number of COVID19 cases all over the world base from                          the John Hopkins University tracker survey.
  • ) There are anti-malarial drugs ( chloroquine and hydrochloroquine oral drugs ) together with the giving of antibacterial medicines, correction of metabolic derangement and good ventilator support gives promising results in COVID19 patients especially in the third world countries.
  • ) A new broad spectrum antibacterial drug called remdesivir showed promising results when given to patients with COVID19 infection who are on mechanical ventilator support according to a report published in the new England Journal of Medicine by Gilead Sciences Inc.’s new drug study. And China and the U.S. National Institute of Health (NIH) is coming with their results of the study soon.
  • ) According to Sarah Gilbert, a professor of vaccinology from Oxford University that she and her team can develop a new vaccine for COVID19 and will be available for distribution worldwide in this coming month of September this year.
  • ) According to the Philippine Secretary of Health…” The Philippines has the lowest infection rate among the countries all over the world because of President’s Rodrigo Duterte’s decision to imposed travel restrictions and placing Luzon under enhanced community quarantine. The Secretary of health confirmed 4,428 COVID19 cases as of the present time ( April 11, 2020 ) with 247 death rate and 157 recovered cases all over the Philippines. And the cases continue to balloon at a fast rate.
  • ) The lead author Dr. Peter Foster, a geneticist from University of Cambridge revealed that COVID19 mutated into three different distinct types or strains-Type A, B, and C. Type A strain( the original virus ) was first identified  last December 2019 in Wuhan China and now believed to make its way to New york USA and causes more than 160,000 cases then spread out to Europe, North America and can be seen more prevalent in Australia. Type B strain believed to be the prevalent type it hit China in December 2019 and slowly mutated in china but mutated rapidly outside china,it is also the type of virus that can beseen in patients across East Asia and the Type B strain mutated from its parent Type A strain. Then the Type C strain mutates to become the daughter of Type B strain as the study suggest and spread to England and Europe via Singapore, it is also the same variant that can be found in patients in France, Sweden, Italy,England, Singapore ,Hongkong and South Korea. The report was published in the Journal Proceedings of The National Academy of Sciences ( PNAS ).

The above promising updates will really bring much hope to the whole of humanity especially in this kind of situation that we are experiencing now and that mankind is very resilient enough to survive and will continue to live and prevail in the face of the earth until the time shall be no more…

Laertes B. Amihan MD

Please leave any comment/s or questions about the article below, I am very much willing to entertain questions if there is. Thank you! Keep Safe always !

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