Dr. Laertes B. Amihan inserted an intravenous line to an old male patient with symptoms of cough, fever, difficulty of breathing and easy fatigability for 5 to 7 days duration. A patient with severe symptoms and a high chance of dying secondary to probable CoViD19 disease.

Eight months had passed since the start of the novel coronavirus pandemic and it infects millions of people around the world. Statistical data revealed that hundreds of thousands have died and it is very important to note that many who had died from the novel viral disease are adult men. New York city, Michigan and Washington also have the same statistical findings that more adult male had died of CoviD-19 compared to female population.

It is sometimes hard to accept the stark reality that there is a certain form of disparity even dying from coronavirus infection. One of the reason that can be explained by experts because the male adult population displays risky behavior, many of the adult males disobeys rules such as simple instruction of washing of hands or even not following traffic rules and regulations, likewise the feeling and sense of invulnerability, bravado and machismo effect. And it cannot be deny that more of the adult male are heavy smokers, tend to consumed too much alcohol especially after in a days work in the office or in the fields.

Thus many males became alcoholics in the long run, many are obese and have chronic diseases or with some existing medical conditions so they are at a high risk of getting the viral disease in the process. But there are several important reasons why men are at a high risk of getting and dying from the novel coronavirus disease.

Sick elderly male at the doctor’s office.

The reason why more men are dying of CoViD-19 than women? And this are the answers…


1.) Have 46 number of autosomal chromosomes and one pair of sex chromosomes ( 46 XY ).

2.) Have a hormone called testosterone, is the precursor for dihydrotestoterone DHT, is an androgen that promotes the development of the male external genitalia such as the penis and the scrotum. And sadly testosterone can inhibit or depress immune system function response in the human body due to inhibitory actions of the hormone androgens on the mediators of immunity in the cellular level. And somehow explains why men are more vulnerable from the new coronavirus infection, and exhibits more serious critical signs and symptoms and more likely to succumb to critical disease and death, especially if accompanied by multiple chronic illnesses.

In contrast…


An elderly woman.

1.) Have 46 number of autosomal chromosomes and a pair of sex chromosomes ( 46 XX ). Females are made of two population of cells.

The sex chromosomes ( XX ) provides better defense against famine and pandemics and why ?…because the X’s chromosomes of women contains a specific gene labeled as TLR-7 that can identify single-stranded RNA viruses such as coronaviruses and these two X’s chromosomes in women can serve as radars that easily see, detect and identify invading viruses inside the body which cause their immune system to be primed early in preparing for the near possible viral spread inside the body.

Thus the virus can be readily eliminated by their fast immune response, if there are no serious comorbidities that can hinder or obstruct the normal immune response. Likewise the old version of the coronavirus including the novel coronavirus have spike proteins that binds ACE2 receptor in the external surface of the human cells thus unlocking it and then gain entry into the human body and cause infection, surprisingly the ACE2 gene resides in the X’s chromosomes and each of these two X chromosomes in women have 50% distribution of slightly different ACE2 receptors.

Thus not all ACE2 receptors in females will be unlock by the novel coronavirus compared to the men and that can explain why they are somewhat resilient against the infection. And All organs and systems in the human body are governed by genes within the chromosomes for normal physiological functions to exist.

2.) Females have moderate amount of estrogen in their body which stimulates and enhances adaptive immune system response. Thus can offer help in eliminating the invading viruses inside the body.

Dr. Laertes B. Amihan inserted an intravenous heplock to an elderly patient with fever and cough associated with chills and occasional difficulty of breathing. She has patchy infiltrates in her right and left-middle to lower lung fields ( CXR ). Patient refused for hospital admission.

According to some scientific findings that women have two populations of cells as exhibited by their two X’s chromosomes but these two population of cells in their immune system can predispose them to have a high risk in developing autoimmune diseases such as lupus, autoimmune thyroiditis and hepatitis, rheumatoid arthritis( RA ), multiple sclerosis, scleroderma and idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura( ITP ).



Dr. Laertes B. Amihan examines an elderly woman with cough and throat itchiness for 3 days duration.

The implication of this important findings that adult men in general regardless of comorbidities are really prone to be infected and develop serious or critical illness due to the novel coronavirus infection as explained by their inferior immunological ability compared to the opposite sex and It cannot be denied that women have robust adaptive immune response…then we have to put much emphasis in our preventive measures for our elderly men not to be expose and get sick of CoViD-19 because of the premise that they are more vulnerable to have a critical illness and increase in the likelihood of possible death to occur due to the viral infection.

So putting them to longer quarantine days is somewhat justifiable and as much as possible avoiding or limiting younger individuals in rendering visits to their respective places of abode are in fact more favorable for their health.

But try also to think of the several undesirable effects of the pandemic in the lives of our elderly males including our elderly females, where they are left isolated in their respective places or rooms?…the quarantine periods extends for several months and that they can’t be seen and met physically by friends and relatives, especially during special occasions and events such as birthdays, weddings, christenings, thanksgivings, important meetings, visitations and worst is burial of friends and relatives who passed away due to accidents, chronic diseases and infectious process such as CoViD19 disease. The effects of long solitary confinements are devastating to the mental health.

Illustrations that depicts SARS CoV-2 affects major organs of the body especially the heart and lungs of patients.

But thanks to the advent of new technologies such as televisions that shows quality netflix films, android cellular phones, tablets, desktops, laptops, virtual gadgets, etc…that can entertain them and also can be use for virtual face to face communications to friends and their love ones.

The conveniences brought about by advance communication technologies can offer virtual transaction for easy access to food, medicines and deliveries of essential needs at the comfort of their home. And even doing virtual medical consultations with their respective healthcare providers can be made possible by ZOOM APPs and in doing large instructional group meetings and presentations.

All these modern and advance inventions can help in saving lives of our female/male elderlies as long as they must be taught of how to use it wisely because most of them are not techie enough in using the new generation gadgets and most of them have poor eye sights due senile cataracts secondary to old age or retinopathy due to hypertension and diabetes, and then here comes strokes, dementias and rheumatoid arthritis which can also be considered as hindrances in using the gadgets because they lose there fine tune and dexterity.

The things that I mentioned awhile ago are really a true scenario of what is happening in our real world. Nowadays that there are no definite treatment for the CoViD-19 disease and the vaccines are not yet available to our elderlies, especially to the fragile male elderly population…then we must be give so much emphasis on preventive measures in protecting them against the dreaded novel coronavirus infection. If ever the vaccines will be available…our elderly population must be in the list of our priority group to receive the vaccine first compared to less susceptible groups of people in our community.

To all the people in the world…especially to our fallen Front liners and to all that are still standing strong in fighting against the novel pandemic…I personally salute you!!!…keep safe…stay healthy and look cool always!


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Laertes B. Amihan MD

Please read  this very important updates (September 25, 2020 )…according to a a very recent findings from

scientists and investigators from NIH-USA that the reasons and explanations why several young or old previously

healthy individual suffers severe forms of CoViD19 disease, and likewise why more men die of CoViD19 disease than

women is due to an abnormal genetic mutation or monogenic inborn errors of immunity ( IEI ). These are the

results and findings published by the COVID Human Genetic Effort. Scientists and investigators found out that 10%

of patients with severe CoViD19 disease develop ” misguided ” autoantibodies that attack the immune system and

specifically block the action of Interferons type 1 in response to SARS CoV-2 infection and another 3.5% of

individuals who develop severe CoViD19 disease lacks a ” functioning gene ” that produces Interferons type 1 that

are needed by the body to counter-act the novel coronavirus infection. And one of the interesting finding of the said

study is that 94% with deleterious antibodies are men, so the result may explain why men have severe symptoms of

the novel viral disease and many of them are dying with CoviD19 disease than women.

The COVID HUMAN GENETIC EFFORT is an international consortium or group of scientists and researchers from all

over the world that works on the human genetic basis of life-threatening diseases due to infection cause by

microorganisms and is currently collaboratively working with the US-National institute of Health. Below are the Co-

Leaders of the research study…

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