Lady with face mask to prevent second wave outbreak of Sars C0V-2 infection or face mask will slow the novel coronavirus transmission.


Everybody is expecting a ” second wave ” outbreak of SARS CoV-2 infection…will mandatory and strict wearing of face mask will prevent it? or will it slow the the transmission of the novel coronavirus? As we are all informed that Covid19 infection spreads swiftly all over the globe and spares a few places in the world that its presence is not yet been detected. Health authorities all over the world established preventive measures, policies and strategies to prevent the spread of SARS COV-2 …the virus that caused the dreaded novel Covid19 disease. And the strict implementation of wearing facemask and face shields ( N95,surgical,modified cloth mask…etc ), physical distancing, maintaining good personal hygiene, enhanced/general community quarantines and locale lockdowns contributed to the decrease number of Covid19 infected cases worldwide.

The novel SARS COV-2 is the most well written, well publicized, well studied and perhaps the most controversial disease causing respiratory virus of our modern history that affects mankind nowadays but sad to say…it is still poorly understood as well as the disease it cause. And because of that it infects more than four millions and kills more than a hundred thousands and cripples global economy.

An electron micrograph of a dying cell infected with coronavirus particle in orange color.

Preventive Strategies and Policies:

The preventive policies and strategies developed by WHO and CDC-USA really resulted to the decrease of Covid19 infected cases but still the disease became pandemic but at least it ” flatten the curve “. The practice of physical distancing of one to two square meters apart from each other prevents direct social/physical contact from person to person and avoiding to participate in attending parties, seminars, conventions, concerts, shopping in crowded places …etc, and even avoiding social gestures such as handshaking, kissing and hugging decreases or prevent physical viral transmission from person to person.

General Community Quarantines and Enhanced Community Quarantines:

Dr. Laertes B. Amihan giving short insights and message to few soldiers, navy and policemen guarding the border checkpoints during strict Enhanced Community Quarantine imposed by the government due to Covid19 pandemic.

Early and timely Enhanced/General community quarantines of some locales or even the whole country brings the viral spread into a halt since it limits active movements of the population from the place of origin to the place of destination, thus the coronavirus infection remains concentrated within the same place or area. And the transmission of the microorganism is decrease and prevented. The best example of that is the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s ways with the cooperation of the filipino people in fighting Covid19 pandemic as well as it is done in many Asian countries. In the scenario of Enhanced Community/General Community Quarantine or ” full body lockdown undoubtably brings down viral transmission and disease case rate but with a concomitant huge economic loss as well as enormous social cost backlashed.

Maintaining good personal hygiene and Physical Distancing: 

It is also cannot be overemphasize the importance of best practices at home of maintaining good personal hygiene like frequent proper hand washing using soap and water for twenty minutes duration, avoiding frequent touching of the T zones (such as your eyes, face, mouth, nose),door handles, elevator push buttons, railings and other inanimate objects, and frequent bathing and changing of working clothes at home after arriving from work, proper cleaning of foot wears with soap, water and application of disinfectants and using hand sanitizers or 40 t0 70% isopropyl alcohols before and after touching to objects and the practice of covering the nose and mouth during coughing and sneezing with handkerchiefs, tissue papers and personal hand towels…etc really contributed to the decrease of coronavius and other infectious disease causing organism transmission. Likewise keeping your body and immune system strong by modifying and improving your lifestyle and  keeping yourself healthy most of the time will somehow protect you from the infection…if you have uncontrolled diabetes and elevated bad cholesterol level because you are overweight then you can burn or shake that extra fat and calories by doing a 30 minute daily exercise or do it every other day at home or you can add a customized keto diet management if your extra weight, diabetes and elevated bad cholesterol cannot be managed and controlled by exercise and oral medications combined. Please see your physician for more health advisory.

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The Universal Advocacy to wear facemask…mask4all:

A cheap alternative and a more effective way to bring down the rate of Covid19 disease and decrease rate of SARS COV-2 transmission and will prevent second wave of Covid19 disease outbreak in the near future.

The wearing of facemask whether made from good material or from ordinary cloth material will still lessen the viral spread by trapping respiratory, oral secretions, and large secretory nasal and oral droplet through coughing, sneezing, talking and even via normal respiration from infected person/s and non-infected person/s, although it cannot totally stop the ultrafine aerosols from passing through the  minute holes of the mask fabric, but studies have shown that the wearing of facemask and face shield decreases coronavirus spread by decreasing environmental viral load. It is also important to note that the ultrafine aerosols that passes through the mesh of facemask’s fabric will remain suspended airborne for hours but authorities are skeptic if it can be sufficient enough to cause disease in humans. The environmental viral load can contribute of how big is the chance of a susceptible person in getting the viral infection or not after the exposure. And sometimes it can even determine of how mild, moderate or severe the infection of the person has after the exposure.

Facemask 3M

I myself agree in relation to the importance of mandatory and strict implementation to continue of wearing facemask because it is a big contributing factor to our global advocacy to ” flatten the curve ” of the pandemic by decreasing the spread of the novel coronavirus infection which in turn will decrease its human infection case rate, morbidity and mortality, likewise our doctors and other healthcare professionals, our intensive care units ( ICU’s ) in the hospitals and health facilities will not be overwhelmed with severe Covid19 infected patients…and it is also important to note that most of our hospitals and healthcare facilities lacks volume respirators for the many cases of severe Covid19 infected patients. And if the result of the universal and mandatory to wear facemask will decrease the admissions of severe cases of Covid19 infected patients then our hospitals and healthcare facilities can properly manage the few cases of severely infected patients in the ICU’s ,  and our doctors and scientists can properly work and can buy time to develop vaccines and discover definite antiviral treatment against the novel coronavirus infection. And it will come into fruition if 80 to 90 percent of the population will strictly wear mask of any sort, thus will flatten the curve and cutting the infection rate by 80%.

Dr. De kai: Professor ,computer science and Engineering, Hongkong University of Science and Technology. Distinguished Research Scholar ,Berkeley, Founding Fellow ,Association for Computational Linguistics.

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Likewise many of the affected countries with high cases of Covid19 infection before will soften their stand or grounds in the strict implementation with regards to locale quarantines and that will also holds true to the strict mandatory compliance of wearing facemask for the reason that their cases of Covid19 infected patients are decreasing or dropping down…and we are also in a hurry to be back of living without much restrictions. It is also a real truth that maybe many of us are tired of these pandemic…thus will continue living and adapting what is now called the  ” new normal ” , then I hope that most of the population will not stop in wearing facemask until such time that a novel and definite treatment and vaccine/s against Covid19 infection will be discovered and be sufficiently available to all of us. Because if the lockdowns are lifted and less than 80% of people will not wear mask and even physical distancing is observed, viral transmission will begin to rise up within the population after 2 months the lockdown is lifted, and the chance of a possible major second wave of Covid19 outbreak will occur again within 4 to 5 months time as shown by computer simulation studies by many world experts and scientists. Thus the wearing of facemask is an intervention to prevent or lessen the risk of the occurrence of second wave of the pandemic and will also prevent another lockdown in the near future. Then businesses will flourish as people feel safer to enter an establishment that practices safety health measures such as strict and mandatory wearing of facemask…then as result, it will boost the economy of the country as a whole since wearing of facemask in the workplace is a safe and a cheapest way or strategy to decrease or prevent work related fear, anxiety, presenteeism and absenteeism due to Covid19 related disease.

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We are the living witnesses of how the Covid19 pandemic devastates the whole wide world…of how it brings chaos and destruction to all of us, it even didn’t spare the powerful and caused the mighty and the most intelligent to bow down to its knees and humbly accepts it. Yes in my opinion the pandemic brings big novel changes to our previously ” filthy ” environment and now it become partially ” healthy ” , it allows initial repairs to kicked in and regains minimal repair as a result…and it partially heals the wounds of our mother earth. The pandemic event decreases waste products from running automobiles, air transportations and large operational factories. And it even change us a lot starting from modifying our lifestyle towards attaining good health practices and change our individual priorities and objectives of life in general. I am optimistic enough that the pandemic event is just a natural part and parcel of the microorganisms evolutionary cycle and we humans will continue to learn and live with full respect to our tiny neighbors in this universe. We have high hopes…

Keep safe… stay healthy…and keep cool always !!! Please support the Universal advocacy of wearing facemask…mask4all !!!


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